Buy Limit & Take Profit orders

A limit order is an order with a specific buying or selling price. Unlike market orders, where transactions are executed instantly at the current market price, limit orders allow you to control it. So to place a limit order, you must set a minimum or maximum price at which you want to buy or sell an asset.
On TheTrade, the execution of a limit order occurs automatically, eliminating the need for users to monitor the market around the clock.
However, there is no guarantee that a placed limit order will be filled because the market price may never reach the preset value.
As a rule, a limit order can be placed for up to several months. Our features include several options for limit orders - Buy Limit and Take Profit.
Commission will be paid in small amounts, both ETH and DAI (if paired liquidity is provided).
If liquidity was provided in one token, then the commission will be paid in the same token.
In the event that you want to buy an asset at a price higher than the market price and your provided liquidity is outside the price range, your order will not be able to be processed. For example:
✒️ The current price of a DAI / ETH pool is 1,500 DAI / ETH. You expect the price of ETH to go up to 3,000 once it hits 2,000 DAI/ ETH, so you would want to place a range order from DAI to ETH at 2,000 DAI/ETH. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do it as the price space above 1,500 DAI / ETH is denominated in ETH - and thus, you can't provide the DAI necessary at your desired price to be swapped into ETH