The DEX market is quite young, but it already has clear leaders. At the end of September 2022, the weekly volume of DEX is about 10 billion, where Uniswap is the clear leader with a share of almost 70% and the number of its users is more than 80 thousand people. People fell in love with this product, despite some shortcomings inherent in many DEXs. We're talking about slippage, sandwich attacks, and no automated limit orders. We also understand that each product occupies its own niche, just as uniswap has occupied the niche of swaps and work with liquidity. But if the potential of the product allows you to go beyond the narrowly focused functionality, then part of the profit will simply go to the competitor.
TheTrade is a set of tools that allows users to go beyond the available functionality and expand the possibilities of trading operations. The goals of which are to expand the potential of the trading functionality, save the user's time by implementing automated solutions, and make the user's work with capital more efficient.
The beta version of the project will start its work with such instruments as spot limit orders and margin trading. In the near future it will be supplemented with a user dashboard, which is under development. We have developed innovative solutions for limit orders and margin trading, creating new earning opportunities for users of the protocol, as well as providing the ability to use the Uniswap v3 liquidity pool.
The huge liquidity pool will allow us to prevent any related issues and offer a superior trading experience for all traders. Our tools include new roles in the DeFi market that can be used by anyone to increase their income.
TheTrade starts on the Ethereum network, it is the most popular ecosystem. And with the release of Ethereum 2.0 the user experience will only get better. But our planned horizon is not limited by this network, we will expand the markets like uniswap v3, so that each user will choose his/her favorite chain.